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Harkcon wins International Training and Analysis Support Services BPA Contract worth up to $10M

Fredericksburg, VA — November 21, 2023 — Harkcon, Inc., a leader in organizational and human performance, is excited to announce it received a multi-year contract with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to provide international training and analysis support services (ITASS) to assist the agency’s Directorate of International Affairs and Office of International Acquisition with International Maritime Force Capabilities Development. This contract will help foreign countries expand and maintain their capacity to protect territorial waters, enhance maritime domain awareness, and build interoperable regional maritime security between the U.S. Government and other regional partners.


Providing World-Class Training Design and Development


Under this Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), Harkcon and its teammates, Performance Excellence Partners (PEP); Thor Solutions, LLC (Thor); and Threat Management Group (TMG), will provide comprehensive foreign nation workforce analysis and reporting, data entry services, training development projects, training execution, and activities of a similar nature to support the Directorate of International Affairs and Office of International Acquisition.


The Directorate of International Affairs and Foreign Policy Advisor (DCO-I) is responsible for advising, informing, and assisting the Commandant on international strategies, foreign policy matters, and the general impact of USCG programs and operations on U.S. International Affairs. DCO-I coordinates all aspects of USCG involvement in all global maritime security force training and organizational development related activities.

The Office of International Acquisition’s (CG-922) Foreign Military Sales program is part of the security assistance authorized by the Arms Export Control Act (AECA). It allows the Coast Guard to provide services to foreign countries and international organizations when the president formally finds that doing so will strengthen the security of the U.S. and promote world peace.


Leveraging Subject Matter Experts to Improve Operational Performance


Commenting on this latest contract win, Harkcon’s Chief Operating Officer and international training expert, Mr. Keith Curran, expressed his excitement for the USCG for selecting Harkcon to provide these important international organizational and workforce development services.


 “Harkcon looks forward to supporting the Coast Guard’s capacity building efforts across the globe, as we’ve been doing since 2013! We’ve assembled a great team that will provide the comprehensive support required by DCO-I and CG-922! We’re excited to get started!” Team Harkcon is no stranger to the international training arena. For the past 10 years, the team has supported DCO-I in developing and strengthening the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Maritime Infrastructure Protection Force. According to a recent Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR), “Their [Harkcon’s] knowledgeable staff constantly displays an aptitude for such an extensive and complex contract. Their level of effort has been key in the development of analyses and documented measures to support Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Maritime Infrastructure Protection Force (MIPF) capabilities.”


With a core focus of making business better by unlocking the power of organizational and human performance, Harkcon is committed to going above and beyond their clients’ expectations.


"This is who we are, what we do and where we do it," said Harkcon Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Kevin Harkins. "I am completely thrilled we are able to make a meaningful contribution to a Service that is close to our hearts. We are pleased and prepared to deliver outstanding service to the Coast Guard and its foreign partners."


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About Harkcon, Inc.


Harkcon is a performance management and technology company. Founded by Service-disabled veterans, we have honorably served the U.S. Government and its agencies for nearly two decades, providing customized human performance management and technological solutions that achieve outstanding results for clients such as the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Defense, and Department of State.



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