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Harkcon Refreshes Brand as Company Launches Accelerated Growth Strategy

FREDERICKSBURG, VA, JUN 14, 2023: Harkcon was founded as a government contractor (GovCon) in 2005 by veterans, with an initial focus on training design and development and human capital solutions.

Twelve months after inception, in August 2006, the company won its first prime contract conducting a Front-End Analysis for the U.S. Coast Guard. Fast-forward eighteen years, the company has grown well beyond its initial offerings and today provides a broad range of expertise and solutions to dozens of government clients.

The Early Years

Harkcon CEO, Kevin Harkins, Ph.D., remembers the early days. “It was about winning any contract we could. As the company matured, we began to fine-tune our capability development and focus, providing highly talented individuals, tools, and leveraged technology to deliver superior results at the most cost-effective price.”

Renewed Focus

With natural attrition and change in key leadership positions, Dr. Harkins has recently focused the company on growth and development, building a new leadership team with global experience, knowledge, and the ability to deliver a new accelerated growth strategy.

Harkcon sharpened its strategic corporate direction and developed tools and processes internally that enable it to enhance its value to its clients. Harkcon’s goal is to continue to build on its successes, become more innovative, and combine expertise with the technological capability to deliver highly competitive, customized, human and organizational performance-enhancing solutions.

Brand Refresh and New Logo

The Company recently conducted an extensive review and assessment of its brand identity, changing market conditions, and new opportunities. The result is a modernized brand image and a subsequent repositioning in the marketplace designed to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

The primary component in the new logo is an owl, a global and cultural icon for wisdom and intelligence, reflecting our expertise and status as subject matter experts in human and organizational performance. The owl is a skilled and cunning hunter, heroic in nature, and with its wings held aloft, is positioned to take on the next immediate challenge. Harkcon is ready to do the same for its clients: get the job done, solve problems, and deliver solutions under pressure. The seven stars represent the Company's founding members, each of whom will be remembered for contributing to the strength and resilience of the Company.

The Future: Changing Market Needs and Growth

With the explosion of technology in the modern world, technology will play an increasingly vital role in the company's accelerated growth strategy. Harkcon already employs an impressive suite of tools and technologies to reduce cycle time, improve analytical precision and information organization, and communicate critical information to clients.

As Harkcon increases its focus on creating, leveraging, and using additional technologies to enhance its customized client solutions, it is driving forward as a market leader in human and organizational performance, delivering customized, value-adding solutions to the public and private sectors.

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About Harkcon Inc

Harkcon is a performance management and technology company. Founded by veterans, we have honorably served the U.S. Government and its agencies for nearly two decades, providing customized human performance management and technological solutions that achieve outstanding results for clients such as the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Defense, and Department of State.

Over the years, we have established a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality, customized solutions that improve worker, workplace, and organizational performance, forming valuable partnerships with a range of firms that offer unique expertise including OTHSolutions; MELE Associates, Inc.; Innovative Technology Partnerships, LLC; and more. For more information on Harkcon, please visit the Harkcon website and follow on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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