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Partner with Harkcon.

At Harkcon, we are continuously looking for ways to expand our services portfolio to meet the growing needs of our current and prospective clients. By teaming with qualified business partners that share our business goals and ethics, we can create a team of experts with the strengths most requested by our clients. Building this network prior to pursuit of any contract is crucial to success and is mutually beneficial to all concerned. If you like what you've read about Harkcon so far, are interested in our organizational development capabilities and want to discuss the possibility of teaming on a contract you are pursuing, please contact;


Ms. Carli Evantanto, Director of Business Development

We remember and appreciate our start as a sub-contractor to a large, established company and want to repay that act by providing the same support and encouragement to other new and/or small businesses. If you are responsible for business development for a company that provides services and capabilities that complement Harkcon's and you would like to discuss a possible partnership on a future project with us, please provide the following information:

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