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Performance Management and Technology Solutions

how we can help you & your organization

At Harkcon, we specialize in providing the highest quality, customized, and innovative organizational and workforce performance solutions to our clients. Whether they are a large governmental agency or a small family-owned business, no matter how complex or challenging the issues. We do this by employing:

  • A highly talented team of subject matter experts, technical specialists and analysts;

  • Powerful, accomplishment-based electronic workforce management tools, with performance criteria established at every level; and

  • A systematic, engineering-based approach that enables business leaders to gain a thorough understanding of their world of work, workplace strengths and weaknesses, and the competencies their workers require to help the company achieve its business goals.

By using a variety of proven techniques, we help organizations identify the exact needs of their workforce and provide the appropriate leadership and management interventions to bring motivation and performance to unprecedented levels.

We have the talent, tools, and technology to help solve any organizational and workforce issue, and we provide the consulting and facilitation services our clients need to accomplish their important missions.

Our corporate capabilities include:


Training & Professional Development Solutions

Customized training and professional development solutions for public and private sector clients.


Training Analysis
Training Design and Development
Training Implementation (Delivery)
Training Evaluation
Training and Professional Development

Human Capital Solutions

Customized human capital solutions for public and private sector clients. 


Organizational Workforce Planning Assessment
Competency Modeling & Management
Business Process Reengineering
HR System Development and Integration
Organizational Development & Change Management

Project Management Services

Customized project management services for public and private sector clients.


Project Planning 
Project Integration
Risk Mitigation
Change Management

Organizational Development & Change Management
Printing and Graphics Support
SharePoint Site Development and Administration
Budget & Financial Analysis
Acquisition and Procurement Support
Property Management


Intelligence Analysis

Customized intelligence analysis solutions for public and private sector clients.


Potential Risk and Threat Analysis 
Conducting Background Research
Analysing and Developing Risk Mitigation Strategies
Obtaining or Developing Company Key Personnel Listings (KPL)
Reviewing and Utilizing IC Threat Matrix
Assigning Company Threat Scores
Writing Threat Assessments 
Utilizing Resources Checklists

Contract Vehicles, Designations, Naics

Harkcon is committed to providing expert and professional business solutions to a wide range of government and commercial clients. Founded in 2005, our strict adherence to disciplined quality standards and client satisfaction has fueled steady growth, strong government and industry partnerships, and expansion of our services and solutions. 


see our capabilities in action.


Harkcon projects, brought to life.

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