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Harkcon is a premier human capital solutions provider. Our customers rely on us to deliver a broad range of services, including organizational workforce planning and assessment, competency modeling and management, business process reengineering, HR system development and integration, organizational development, and change management. We believe that any human capital intervention is only as good as the analysis upon which it is based. Therefore, our practitioners place a particular emphasis on getting the analysis right, then applying this analysis to design, develop, implement, and evaluate a full suite of human capital support solutions in both domestic and international environments.

Harkcon has demonstrated superior past performance in developing, delivering, supporting, and managing human capital projects. We work across a wide variety of federal government and private sector business systems, and adeptly develop solutions that work within our clients' operating environment, including their Information Technology (IT) systems.

Specific human capital solutions include:


Organizational and Workforce Analysis is the foundation of our strategy for addressing issues that range from the strategic to the tactical level, including helping organizations prepare and implement their strategic plans down to providing individual workers the performance supports they need to perform at the expert level. Our analysis is grounded in Human Performance Technology (HPT) methodologies. HPT draws from a wide range of disciplines, including behavioral psychology, instructional systems design, organizational development, and human resources management. It stresses a rigorous analysis of present and desired levels of performance and identifies the reasons for the performance gap, offers a wide range of interventions with which to improve performance, guides the change management process, and evaluates the overall results.

Harkcon applies HPT methodologies through our W³ model. Using W³ enables us to treat your business or organization as a system, analytically defining your workforce's performance and outputs, and aligning them with your business's mission, vision, and goals. 

Harkcon implements our W³ model through Mainstay, an innovative, web-based analytic tool designed to ease and organize the data collection and analysis processes. Mainstay's logical and professional user interface makes it easy for our analysts to use and enables them to manipulate and process data in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually; because the software is built on Adobe® AIR® technologies, data collection and analysis activities can be conducted far and wide by multiple analysts, with the data syncing almost instantaneously on our servers.

Specific consulting and facilitation services include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Needs Assessments

  • Staffing Requirements Analyses

  • Front End Analyses

  • Cost Benefit Analyses

  • Survey Development & Deployment


Harkcon is well versed in strategic planning and supporting organizations to define their strategic direction through various types of detailed analyses so leadership can make important, data-driven decisions and effectively allocate or modify their resources to ensure alignment with the organization’s vision, mission, values, and culture.

In a nutshell, Harkcon’s strategic planning process involves:

  • Describing the desired end state for the organization, department, division, or any organizational element for which we are working.

  • Identifying, exploring, and analyzing the various avenues to move toward that desired end state, and selecting the best action steps.

  • Examining and ensuring alignment of effort, focus, plans, and resources.

  • Developing measures to track progress.

  • Working all of the above into a Plan of Action & Milestones with targeted and meaningful activities.

Harkcon has recently used this process in assisting a variety of organizations and government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and many private sector organizations.


Harkcon is prepared to assist your business or organization in identifying and describing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities (collectively known as competencies) required to accomplish your work. Our analysts do this through competency modeling and management.

Competency Modeling and Management is the practice of identifying those competencies required to do the work of your organization, organizing that information to allow you to describe all of your individual job positions, and then using that information to attain (or develop) employees with the right skill sets to fill those positions.

Specific consulting and facilitation services include:

  • Competency Management System Development

  • Competency Modeling

  • Competency Data Entry and Analysis 

  • Competency Toolbox® Development


The basic purpose of competency management is to align each team member's capabilities with the specific needs of their respective jobs. The jobs, in turn, should help the organization fulfill its mission and purpose.

A competency management system clearly identifies workforce performance needs, as well as existing capabilities and, when properly implemented, becomes the foundation for all workforce management decisions. A competency management system is a powerful human capital tool designed to inform decision-makers and shape personnel decisions.

Harkcon has vast experience developing Competency Management Systems in both the public and private sectors.


Harkcon is prepared to assist you and your organization stay competitive by analyzing and improving the way you conduct your business. Our business process reengineering (BPR) experts will help you rethink how you work, using your organization's mission and vision to guide their efforts. This top-down alignment ensures all processes are linked to your key business objectives, and allows everyone connected to the process to see how their efforts support the organization's goals and objectives. Redesigning your work this way not only improves your operation's effectiveness and efficiency, but it also reduces costs and improves customer service and satisfaction.

Let us help you create a vision for the future and design new business processes to support that vision.

Specific consulting and facilitation services include:

  • Strategic, Business, & Action Plan Development

  • Program & Policy Development

  • Program Audits & Evaluations

  • Process Improvement


Strategy is the primary driver for business process reengineering initiatives. Without an understanding of an organization's mission and vision, as well as strategic goals, any changes to existing processes could be hit or miss.

If you do not have strategic doctrine, we can help you create a mission, vision and goals for the future, as well as detailed business and action plans for meeting each of the goals.

We will help you define what you do, who you do it for, and how you can succeed by leading you through a series of interviews, group discussions, and facilitated exercises designed to determine your organization's desired end state, compare that to its current state, and define the actions needed to bridge the gaps between the two.

The results of these efforts will produce the following strategic documents for your organization:

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • Guiding Principles

  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis

  • Strategic Goals

  • Annual Business Goals

  • Action Plan to achieve Business Goals


Harkcon has been called upon to provide human capital program support, feeding all elements of the human resources system: recruitment, selection, training and professional development, performance appraisal, recognition and rewards, leadership, culture, compensation, and benefits.

Harkcon provides comprehensive front-end requirements analysis and diagnostics in all of these areas to understand deficiency root causes and determine the optimal interventions. The key, of course, is the proper integration of the various pieces. Key processes are not stand-alone systems. Proper integration of system components is critical to ensure alignment with the strategic direction, mission, vision, and culture. Doing so will create a tapestry of support and motivation to retain talent and maximize human potential.

We develop human resources solutions using cost-efficient, schedule-responsive processes and industry best practices. We provide human resources Project Management Office support, to include such activities as program analysis, stakeholder coordination, program status reporting, special topics reporting, and capital asset planning. We provide responsive, innovative human resources solutions that ensure requirements traceability and effectively control the entire development effort.


Organizational Development (OD) consists of planned efforts aimed at ensuring the practices, processes, structure, and culture of an organization are poised to positively respond to a continuously changing environment. OD ensures the organization is always improving, learning, and adapting as the world, the market, and other internal and external forces change. The key is anticipation and early identification of the need to adapt. Furthermore, OD is directly connected to change management because an organization will successfully adapt and change when that change is properly communicated and managed.

Harkcon's methodology to facilitate organizational and workforce development and change management builds on the following industry best practices:

  • Developing a powerful vision of the desired future state, as well as a strategy for realizing it;

  • Constantly scanning the horizon to maintain situational awareness;

  • Ensuring the right skill sets are in the right positions;

  • Motivating staff to change through intensive and extensive communications;

  • Empowering broad-based action supporting the change by using the energy of early adopters;

  • Generating short-term “wins” to demonstrate the “pay-off” on the other side of the change;

  • Consolidating gains to reinforce continued change by rewarding positive behavior and relentlessly breaking down barriers and impediments; and

  • Aligning all necessary aspects of people, process, and technology around the change.

Harkcon has worked extensively and mastered both of these areas of expertise, and we understand the business of developing organizations and facilitating change. Our staff is fully certified in the industry standard Change Management methods.


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