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Harkcon is committed to providing expert and professional business solutions to a wide range of government and commercial clients. Founded in 2005, our strict adherence to disciplined quality standards and client satisfaction has fueled steady growth, strong government and industry partnerships, and expansion of our services and solutions. Please contact Keith Curran at or 800-499-6456 x104 for additional information or for assistance in choosing the appropriate vehicle to suit your needs.

government services administration (GSA) vehicles:

Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 541611 and 611430 (formerly PSS 874-1 and 874-4)


Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support.  541611allows Harkcon to provide a wide range of management and integrated consulting services to federal agencies.


Professional and Management Development Training allows Harkcon to provide Training Services: Instructor Led Training, Web Based Training and Education Courses, Course Development and Test Administration, Learning Management, Internships to federal agencies.


Contract No.: GS-10F-0164V
Period of Contract: May 2019 through May 2024

U. S. Coast Guard (USCG) Human Resources Directorate (CG-1) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

Harkcon leads an impressive team of businesses on this five-year BPA, including ABS Consulting, Inc., Grant Thornton, Calibre, and Eagle Hill. The Harkcon team assists the Coast Guard in the analysis, development and implementation of human resource (HR) policies, procedures, and tools that support the effective management of all parts of the United States Coast Guard (almost 38,000 regular military members, 8,000 Ready Reservists, about 8,700 civilians and approximately 30,000 members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary). All aspects of workforce management are included under this BPA, including structure and organization (enlisted rates and ratings, warrant officer specialties, commissioned officer specialties/subspecialties and ranks, civilian series, and Auxiliary capabilities), recruiting, retention, assignments, promotions, separations, performance interventions, training, and staffing requirements determination.

Prime Contractor: Harkcon, Inc. 
Contract No.: HSCG23-16-A-PFF003
Period of Performance: April 2016 through April 2021

FBI/DOJ Solutions for Administrative and Program Services (SOAPS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

Harkcon provides Program Management and Administrative support services for the Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Solutions for Administrative and Program Services (SOAPS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). The services include operations research, risk assessment, schedule management, quality assurance, technical assessment, cost estimating, earned value management, and training development. Other included services are business process improvements, document preparation briefings, administrative assistance, and program analysis.

Prime Contractor: Harkcon, Inc.
Contract No.: 14-1200-D-0002844
Period of Performance: December 2013 through October 2019

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

Harkcon, Inc. provides project management, business operations, analytic, human resources and administrative support services for the Business Operations Group of the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS).


Prime Contractor: Harkcon, Inc. 

Contract No.: EA-133C-17-BA-0045
Period of Contract: July 2017 through July 2022

U.S. Department of the Energy, Office of Acquisition and Project Management, Professional Development Division Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA)

Harkcon is an awardee of a Department of Energy, Acquisition and Training multiple award BPA issued on behalf of the Office of Acquisition and Project Management (APM), Professional Development Division (PDD), Project Management Career Development Program (PMCDP) and Acquisition Career Management Program (ACMP).  Services provided under this BPA include integrated programmatic consulting; acquisition and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) course delivery; custom training design, development, delivery and evaluation; and ancillary support services including managing certification programs for DOE's acquisition workforce.

Prime Contractor: Harkcon, Inc
Contract No.: DE-MA0011881
Period of Performance: May 2015 through May 2020

United States Coast Guard Office of Merchant Marine Credentialing (MMC) Job Task Analyses (JTA)

Harkcon, Inc. provides job task analyses, including but not limited to performance assessment and training standards for merchant mariners to minimize burden on merchant mariners while meeting domestic law and international treaty obligations, as well as safe occupational practice and maritime safety concerns.


Prime Contractor: Harkcon, Inc.

Contract No.: 70Z02318RMSR09100

Period of Performance: September 2018 through September 2020

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other contract vehicles:

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Integrated Healthcare Transformation (IHT)

Harkcon, Inc. is part of the HRS, Inc. team that provides healthcare and professional consulting services to the VHA.  The support under potential task orders include, but are not limited to, the following areas: high reliability organization, electronic health records management, healthcare modernization and transformation, financial management business transformation in a healthcare setting, healthcare human resources, healthcare regulatory compliance, healthcare analytics, mental health and suicide prevention, access to care, and population health.


Prime: HRS, Inc.

Contract No.: 36C10X20D00003

Period of Performance: April 2020 through March 2025 (with additional option periods out to 2030) 

Department of the Army Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development (AEWD)

AEWD is an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) vehicle to support Army Red Team efforts and other activities that provide timely response toward enhancing Army Expeditionary Forces, Joint Warfighters with Army Components, and organizations that encounter and influence agile/adaptable threats. These include development or enhancement to items and systems for employment against rapidly evolving threats and in partnership building initiatives for items and systems employed by small units, expeditionary and special operations forces and other irregular warfare operators. Efforts may include studies, technical investigations, research, development, experimentation, assessments, limited quantity delivery and in-theatre field logistics support for appropriate end-items or systems.  Items or systems developed under this contract shall generally be of maturity for field demonstration and assessment by military or Government operations personnel in an operational or operational-like environment.


Prime Contractor: Battelle
Contract No.: W911NF-15-D-0002
Period of Performance: October 2015 through September 2020

DHS Program Management, Administrative, Operations and Technical Services II (PACTS II)

​Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) set-aside, multiple award IDIQ for non-IT services enabling DHS to accomplish mission objectives.

Prime: Harkcon, Functional Category 1: Program Management and Technical Services

Allows Harkcon to provide services including administrative management and other management consulting services; process, physical distribution and logistics; engineering services; and environmental, technical, & other scientific consulting services.

Sub: TechOp Solutions, Functional Category 2: Administrative and Operations Services

Allows Harkcon to provide administrative and operations services in addition to court reporting and stenography.

Contract No.: HSHQDC-16-D-P2005

Period of Contract: March 2017 through February 2021 (with 1 additional option year out to 2022)

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge II (EAGLE II)

A multiple-award, Indefinite delivery/Indefinite quantity (IDIQ) vehicle for Information Technology (IT) services. Capital Planning, Strategic Planning, Workforce Planning, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Resource Management, Performance Management, Budget Execution, Program Management Office Support, Data Management, IT Policy and Planning, Information Sharing, Information Security, IT Transformation and Strategy, Budget, Policy and Governance, Cyber Security, Acquisition, Mobility, and Human Capital.

Prime Contractor: Grant Thornton

Contract No.: HSHQDC-13-D-E2050
Period of Performance: July 2014 through July 2020

Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Technical, Engineering, and Programmatic Support Services (TEPS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) 

NNSA's TEPS is a competitive multiple-award BPA that allows the government to place recurring orders with BPA holders. All BPA holders were thoroughly vetted using a diligent evaluation process which included participation from evaluation team members representing seven different NNSA offices who played a key role in the source selection process. The BPAs provide access to a stable of highly skilled professionals in wide range of skill areas and functional capabilities who are available to all headquarters and field offices. Each BPA has a potential value of $300M+ over five years. The eight BPA holders have a combined potential capacity for $2.4B worth of effort.


Prime Contractor: MELE Associates, Inc.
Contract No.: DE-NA0001356
Period of Performance: November 2017 through November 2022

USCG Human Systems Integration (HSI) Engineering and Technical Support Services

Harkcon is a part of the ABS Consulting team that provides system engineering and technical assistance support by utilizing the established HSI processes that typically involve complex analyses requiring the coordinated integration of experience and expertise to be applied to the following HSI functional areas: Human Factors Engineering (HFE); Manpower; Personnel; Performance Support and Training (PS&T); System Safety (including Occupational Health); Habitability and Personnel Survivability.  

Prime Contractor: ABS Consulting

Contract No.: HSCG23-16-A-PSW001 (BPA)

Period of Contract: September 2018 to September 2020 (with 1 additional option year out to 2021)

USCG Research and Development Center Integrated Design, Test and Evaluation (IDT&E) Services

Harkcon is a part of the ABS Consulting team that provides IDT&E support in the areas of:  Naval Architecture; Marine Engineering; Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR); Wide Area Surveillance; Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Detection and Protection; Human Systems Integration (HSI); Marine Fire Safety; Search and Rescue; Maritime Law Enforcement; Oil Spill/Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Response; Aids to Navigation (AToN) and Waterways Management; Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Mitigation; Sensor Performance Analysis; Alternative Energy; Aviation; Unmanned Systems; and mission performance in the Arctic environment.  

Prime Contractor: ABS Consulting Inc.

Contract No.: HSCG23-15-D-R00152

Period of Contract: September 2015 to September 2020 

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