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Harkcon, Inc. to develop Department of State ATA's Kenya Maritime Training System (MTS) assessme

The Department of State (DS/T/ATA) provides equipment, facilities, and training to Kenyan maritime law enforcement organizations in order to support improved maritime security and antiterrorism capabilities. Harkcon, Inc. was awarded a contract to assess the current state of that program and provided recommendations and actions to turn over the program to full Kenyan management and ownership. This exit strategy is being conducted in four phases to include: (1) Assessment and analysis of the existing training program, instructors, training system, and other related activities; (2) Maritime training program development of curricula for use by Kenyan maritime organizations; (3) Training Delivery and instructor development for training Kenyan candidate instructors for full curricula program delivery; (4) Training system development and mentoring a Kenyan Maritime Training System (MTS) to provide a framework for defining, supporting, and continuing the program after exit.

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