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Leading a Younger Workforce!

By Brian Roche | Harkcon's Vice President and Director of Harkcon Academy

Successful local businesses, multi-national corporations, or government agencies are run by senior leaders who excel as visionaries, communicators, and decision makers. One of the keys to an organization’s success is investment in human resources at or above the level of investment in infrastructure.

Change is constant. That applies to all aspects of industry, especially human resources. Employees and their expectations, skills and abilities are always changing. Leaders that are resistant to change and refuse to react to changes in their workforce are destined for failure. An effective team leader must earn each individual’s trust in order to gain their buy in and commitment to the organization. Ideally, each employee contributes productively to the attainment of the organization’s goals. Simultaneously, leadership must invest and commit to the team member. What are the individual goals of your employees? Help your team member develop individual goals and chart a course to reach them. Ultimately, the success of the individual leads to the success of the organization. This concept may be revolutionary for some, since corporate or agency goals have always been primary.

If you can inspire and empower your employees you will pave a path to success that applies to all levels of management. However, this approach takes more of a leader’s time. It is time well spent, as part of a commitment to corporate or agency excellence.

This blog kicks off Harkcon’s discussion and promotion of effective leadership and management concepts. We’ve partnered with a number of highly successful leaders from a variety of career fields who will share their experiences that brought them to prominence in their field of work.

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