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3 Steps to Reach your Marketing Goals

By Marty Jenkins | Harkcon’s Communications Specialist

It’s 2017, and now that you’ve identified your goals, it’s time to execute them. Whether you hope to increase sales or start a new business the strategy will only vary slightly. So, how do you get there? It’s really quite easy! Follow your marketing plan, and these steps, and you’ll be well on your way.

The first step is picking out the most time sensitive items. I recommend taking each item on your marketing list and rate the items in order of importance. Consider both print and digital marketing materials in this review. If you’re starting a new business I suggest having both print and web marketing materials.

Once you place your items in order of importance, the next step is to start implementing them and developing a way to track and measure your marketing plan. Begin by choosing a method for monitoring and determining how often you need to measure. At Harkcon, we use Google Analytics to monitor our website and track our other analytics in Excel spreadsheets. We monitor our analytics weekly and record the data monthly.

Remember, once you begin, changes in your plan can and will happen. Finally, it’s extremely important to be flexible while executing your plan. It is inevitable that you will have to make changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Don’t fret! Remaining flexible with your marketing plan will produce some of the most innovative and successful marketing strategies.

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