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Beginners Guide: 5 Tips to Creating a Marketing Plan

By Marty Jenkins | Harkcon’s Communication and Marketing Specialist

Creating a Marketing plan can seem overwhelming. Where do I begin? What do I need to include? How do I know it will work? These are all valid questions, but it does not need to be so complicated. To create a marketing plan you simply need to follow these 5 steps and you will be sure to meet your goals.

1. Company Analysis

A company analysis is the first step to creating a marketing plan. Like all successful projects, you first must diagnose the issues and current health of the company. During the company analysis you will need to ask questions like: What is our marketing budget? What things are working for us? What things aren’t working for us? It’s important to look at the organization’s capabilities, business environment and customers. This brings us to the next step. 2. Identify your Target Market Who is your target market? Your target market is who is buying your product and or using your service. It’s important to know your audience, so your marketing materials work. Once you figure out your target audience you can align your marketing goals. 3. Marketing Goals

What do you want to accomplish? This is when your review of your company analysis comes in handy. What didn’t do so well? Where do you want to improve your business? All of your marketing goals should be measurable. Don’t be afraid to dream big and be sure to include the reason why you’ve chosen this goal. Also, be sure to consider your target market during this phase. For example, if your target market responds the best to online marketing materials consider focusing on online marketing goals. 4. Strategy to Reach Goals How are we going to get there? Do we need to set up social media site? Maybe refresh our website? Write down the tactical steps to accomplish your marketing goals. Be as thorough as possible and make sure to include length of time, manpower needed, and budget. 5. Execute your Goals

You did it, it’s time to execute! Next blog we will discuss how to follow your strategy to reach your goals!

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