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Harkcon Wins U. S. Coast Guard (USCG) Human Resources Directorate (CG-1) Blanket Purchase Agreement

Harkcon leads an impressive team of businesses on this five year BPA, including ABS Consulting, Inc., Grant Thornton, Calibre, and Eagle Hill. The Harkcon team assists the Coast Guard in the analysis, development and implementation of human resource (HR) policies, procedures, and tools that support the effective management of all parts of the United States Coast Guard (almost 38,000 regular military members, 8,000 Ready Reservists, about 8,700 civilians and approximately 30,000 members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary). All aspects of workforce management are included under this BPA, including structure and organization (enlisted rates and ratings, warrant officer specialties, commissioned officer specialties/subspecialties and ranks, civilian series, and Auxiliary capabilities), recruiting, retention, assignments, promotions, separations, performance interventions, training, and manpower requirements determination.

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