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Harkcon, Inc. awarded contract to perform manpower requirements analysis for US Coast Guard Navigati

Harkcon, Inc. was awarded three manpower requirements analysis contracts; US Coast Guard Navigation Center, US Coast Guard Electronic Systems Support Units, and US Coast Guard Cryptologic Group. US Coast Guard Navigation Center (NAVCEN) includes analysis of the NAVCEN's functions and processes to assist NAVCEN in making informed resource decisions to improve NAVCEN's mission accomplishment. The second contract awarded was US Coast Guard Electronic Systems Support Units (ESUs) and Electronic Support Systems Detachments (ESDs). The Manpower Requirements Analyses (MRAs) ensure the Coast Guard receives accurate data and information to transform mission requirements into manpower requirements that provide the USCG with the number and necessary skill mix of positions required to accomplish the ESUs’ and ESDs’ assigned missions. The third contract awarded was Coast Guard Cryptologic Group (CGCG). This includes the analysis of manpower requirements in support of CGCG’s currently defined duties and responsibilities, including all work associated with the 152 positions assigned to the CGCG, including Cryptologic Units, Cryptologic Detachments, and Cryptologic Security Groups (CSGs).

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