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About Harkcon

Our People

our business is people.

Our business is people. We analyze work, workers, and the workplace. We dissect how and why work is done and who does the work. We study behaviors and develop solutions to improve efficiencies. We are people experts.

Since we are experts on people and human performance, we are in a position to say, "Our people are the best." You simply won't find a more professional, talented or collegial group of workers anywhere. Our culture of experience and excellence is evident in all facets of our work.

Harkcon team members have a deep and rich background in government, military and private industry and possess a depth of experience in performance improvement, training development, and human resources that is unparalleled in other companies. Our people are experienced and highly knowledgeable of the many challenges and changes currently facing today's government agencies, and are well informed and understanding of the evolving world of private industry, especially in these economic times. As such, we bring a wealth of expertise to bear on every project in which we involve ourselves.

Harkcon team members work in a dynamic environment on rewarding projects that have real impact to our clients. While our people are expected to work closely with each other and our clients, they must also be strong, productive, independent workers who are self-motivating and flexible.


The work history of Harkcon's founders is deeply rooted in the military and the sense of collaboration, interdependence, and collegiality that comes from working toward a common goal while relying on each other for strength, support and, at times, your life. This ideal of teamwork is evident within Harkcon as our people put the shared goals of client satisfaction and project success ahead of personal agendas.

Within Harkcon, we really do believe that none of us is as good as all of us and our work habits and practices demonstrate this philosophy.

At Harkcon we value each person's ability to work on a team as much as we value the individual contributions each person brings to the team. Our people are, without a doubt, the best there are anywhere. They define professionalism and embody Harkcon's values of honor, responsibility, dependability, and accountability.

Harkcon people enjoy spending time with each other, whether at work or outside the office. Deep understanding and respect come from working on projects together and the relationships that develop as a result of those shared experiences bind the Harkcon team together.

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