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Our History and Purpose

Founded by veterans, we have honorably served the U.S. Government and its agencies for nearly two decades, providing customized human and organizational performance and technological solutions that achieve outstanding results.

Performance Management Solution Increases Productivity
by over 200%.

 Learn how Harkcon increased productivity within the Department of Energy (DOE), National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Emergency Operations Training Academy (EOTA) by over 200%.


Case Study

Increasing the NNSA,
Emergency Operations Training Academy (EOTA)
productivity by over 200%


Our Expertise

We are experts in people & organizational performance and our culture of mastery & action is evident in everything we do

Our Solutions

Harkcon is committed to providing customized, comprehensive performance management and technology solutions that improve people and organizational performance at all levels.

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Our Clients & Case Studies


Growing Together

Want to hear more about Harkcon and our performance management and technology solutions? Let's have a conversation about the challenges your organization is facing.

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