Intelligence Analysis

analyze. define. succeed.

Harkcon knows that, in order to be useful, intelligence must be gathered, analyzed, and reported in a time-sensitive manner.  Our analysts are trained to be objective and exercise judgment of the utmost discretion in all situations while always keeping in mind the scope and focus of their mission.


Harkcon delivers the expert analysis and tradecraft required to provide timely, relevant and understandable intelligence to inform decision-makers and influence outcomes.  Harkcon analysts are practiced in the art of all-source analysis, deriving value from the totality of information that is available, rather than from individual intelligence sources.

Recent analysis experiences of our analyst team include: 

· Planning, performing, facilitating, and assisting with analyzing known and potential risks and threats directed at the Intelligence Community (IC)

· Conducting background research

· Analyzing and developing risk mitigation strategies

· Obtaining or developing Company Key Personnel Listings (KPL) as required

· Reviewing and utilizing IC Threat Matrix

· Assigning Company Threat Scores

· Writing Threat Assessments

· Utilizing Resource Checklists