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July 21, 2016

By Pamela Pollara | Harkcon's Performance Analyst 

In a Virtual Company, every second spent with an employee counts. Due to the barriers of the virtual workplace, companies must be deliberate about how they create a strong company culture that increases employee engagement and motivation.  In a brick and mortar company, time is specifically allocated for training, whereas virtual companies must find ways to effectively utilize training time to also communicate and connect to their employees.

These are 5 ways to use training time to engage and motivate virtual employees:

1. Turn on your webcam! Ok so, this is one of the major benefits to working from home…gym clothes, no makeup, bed head. As the trainer, be prepared to at least give your introduction via video chat. This personalized communication will go a long way toward not only making a connection with your employees, but engaging them in your training. Encourage others to do this as well as they feel comfortable. Remember, a...

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